Shimu Wang Open Village Cinema
Open Village Cinema is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Open Village Cinema

Open Village is an arthouse renovated from a decommissioned factory. While the brick façade of the cinema established a visual coherence with the neighboring urban fabric, the cinema’s irregular form and polychromatic exterior instilled the creative space with vibrancy. This new landmark became the cultural destination for events within the village where the cinema is situated.

Open Village Cinema
Shimu Wang Open Village
Shimu Wang Cinema
Shimu Wang design
Shimu Wang design
Shimu Wang

Shimu Wang is a young individual architect who is good at creating elegant space with light, materials and colours. The designs she did always tightly related to the theme and established vivid spaces that fit company images. Shimu works more on small-scale cultural constructions facing to public which attract people to have a trip to the places where may not be well noted, and bring cultural resources to the rural areas at the same time. Education equality is a major detection she attempts to improve.

Jia Zhang-ke Art Center

Jia Zhang-ke Art Center was initiated and established by director Jia Zhang-ke and the Village Jiajiazhuang in 2016 which rarely was a contemporary art center located in a village of China. The center launched several cultural brands, such as 86358 short film festival, Lvliang literature festival, etc. In the future, the art center will organize more art exhibitions and activities.