Erol Erdinchev Ahmedov Linap Clothes Hanger
Linap Clothes Hanger is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Design Quality and Innovation Award Category.
Linap Clothes Hanger

This elegant clothes hanger provides solutions to some of the biggest problems - the difficulty of inserting clothes with a narrow collar, the difficulty of hanging underwear and durability. The inspiration for the design came from the paper clip, which is continuous and durable, and the final shaping and choice of material was due to the solutions to these problems. The result is a great product that facilitates the daily life of the end user and also a nice accessory of a boutique store.

Linap Clothes Hanger
Erol Erdinchev Ahmedov Linap
Erol Erdinchev Ahmedov Clothes Hanger
Erol Erdinchev Ahmedov design
Erol Erdinchev Ahmedov design
Erol Erdinchev Ahmedov

A student of Architecture and Design with innovative solutions in his field and a creative designer in the industrial sector, he also paints and makes models!