Ioannis Malikoutsakis Terra Oliva Packaging
Terra Oliva Packaging is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
Terra Oliva Packaging

This is a custom-designed olive oil clay bottle. The idea behind it is to be very elegant and to be reused by users. Clay material was selected in order to suggest the origin of this blessed product, the Cretan soil. The land that gives the special taste and characteristics of this product. This packaging can come in two options. One with only the logo in front and the side icons only and accompanied by a small etiquette strapped with a string on the neck of the bottle, thus making it a decorative ornament. Or with full details as is in the photos.

Terra Oliva Packaging
Ioannis Malikoutsakis Terra Oliva
Ioannis Malikoutsakis Packaging
Ioannis Malikoutsakis design
Ioannis Malikoutsakis design
Ioannis Malikoutsakis

Ioannis Malikoutsakis’s works incorporate various facets of 3D design, fine art, brand identity,design and graphic design. A strong artistic approach and outstanding aesthetic quality characterize his art. His fine design pieces are just as significant as his distinctive style in corporate identity and graphic designs.

Vittorakis & Co Olive Oil Mill

Vittorakis Olive Oil Mill is a premium olive oil producer in Chania, Crete.