Jin Woong Lee Polyhedron Stool
Polyhedron Stool is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Award Category.
Polyhedron Stool

The Polyhedron stool is a 3d printed stool that has an interaction of a closing flower. Except for one CNC processed metal component, every part is made through the 3d printer, allowing individuals to produce and reproduce themselves within small amounts (leading to numerous variations). When a flower sets, its petals gather (twirling inside). The ends go up, and the height gets changed. As grabbing its head, rotating the upper part makes pillars move and escalates the stool. The four gears inside convert circular move vertically, making the pillar's end rise.

Polyhedron Stool
Jin Woong Lee Polyhedron
Jin Woong Lee Stool
Jin Woong Lee design
Jin Woong Lee design

In a space, exist countless products. Through product, space gets formed, the atmosphere differs, and the lifestyle (environment) changes. The studio "PRO-SP" designs products of structural form, making a unique movement of usage, and through the products, aims to build a distinctive space of their own. From "product" they design "to space."