Majid Niknami Zeaim Zero Emission Flight
Zeaim Zero Emission Flight is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Aerospace and Aircraft Design Award Category.
Zeaim Zero Emission Flight

The Zeaim provides urban air mobility around the world, and anyone can fly independently, as no pilot is needed. It will bring zero emissions for small-scale air travel. Also, It would revolutionize the point-to-point paradigm of air transport. The Zeaim can take off and land vertically. It is also capable of short-distance take-off and landing. There are two engine options available: four hydrogen-powered engines or four electric motors. Moreover, two types of landing aids are available, including 3-cycle gears or skids.

Zeaim Zero Emission Flight
Majid Niknami Zeaim
Majid Niknami Zero Emission Flight
Majid Niknami design
Majid Niknami design

Majid Niknami, born and raised in Iran, is an aerospace engineer who is passionate about the design of everything and the philosophy of design. He has studied aerospace engineering in Iran and aerospace vehicle design at Cranfield University. Majid thinks that a design-oriented process is a key prerequisite to improve every aspect of the globe. Also, working as an airworthiness engineer in the airline industry provides him with outstanding on-site expertise in commercial aviation. Majid's key motivations for developing conceptual designs are, first, the stream of emerging technologies towards more sustainable aviation and digitalization of aviation. Second, the advent of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and their introduction into the commercial aviation infrastructure.