Qingtao Ji Spring Breeze Office Space
Spring Breeze Office Space is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Spring Breeze Office Space

It is a renovation case for a building with an indoor area of 1000 square meters. The building is a single-family and steel-structured architecture. The owner wants to transform it into a real estate company office space with the business working and project display functions. The designer used traditional architectural techniques to build a new Chinese-style wooden house inside the building to reconcile the space, creating a working area and other spatial functions. The delicate wooden house is a great visual contrast to the steel-structured building. The visitors will be impressed.

Spring Breeze Office Space
Qingtao Ji Spring Breeze
Qingtao Ji Office Space
Qingtao Ji design
Qingtao Ji design
Qingtao Ji

Qingtao Jo is the design director of Chongqing Mocun Interior Decoration Design Consultation Co., Ltd. He is keen on interior design, loves travelling, advocates the space design of personality, simplicity and nature. He won the gold award of Outstanding Property Award and Competition. He is passionate for his career and displays an responsible attitude towards interior design career. He participates in lots of prestigious projects such as SUNAC Shanxiao.

China Sunac Inc.

The client is a large real estate company -China Sunac. The client company has acquired a real estate project in Kunming, Yunnan, China. This project is to renovate one of the steel-structured glass buildings. The building group locates in downtown the city. The client hopes to design this building into a diversified space that integrates multi-functions such as working and business projects exhibition. Moreover, the client wants the building to be the landmark architecture in Kunming.