NATSUKI MORIBA Open and Wild Greenway
Open and Wild Greenway is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award Category.
Open and Wild Greenway

Open and Wild, is part of Wuhan East Lake greenway, a city level public greenway located in Wuhan, China. With Moshan Park as the core, it is one of the best scenic spots in East Lake whose design takes the idea of Making the City Quiet" as the core planning concept. Walking between the greenways, every plant, tree, flower and brick is the result of landscape design. It seems to have no trace, but the design is everywhere. Enjoying flowers in spring, bathing in the cool wind in summer, watching fallen leaves in autumn, bathing in the warm sun in winter - each season has its own beauty.

Open and Wild Greenway

Ms. MORIBA joined ATLAS (China) in 2003, and has been working as the design director since then. Working in landscape architecture field for more than 20 years, she has devoted herself to creating space and serving customers and has participated in more than one hundred planning and landscape design projects, who has accumulated rich experience in project design and managemen. Her innovative, unique and humanized design scheme has been widely praised and has won many famous awards. The design works and articles completed by the team she led have been widely published in academic journals and public media both domestic and overseas.


Established in Beijing in 2003, ATLAS (China) is an international comprehensive design organization, mainly focusing on landscape and planning fields. Working in the Chinese market for nearly 20 years, ATLAS (China) creates space with heart and skillful hands, and focusing on serving customers and has become one of the famous landscape planning and design brands in China. As one of the outstanding representatives of Japan's landscape design industry, ATLAS (China) inherits Japan's rigorous craftsmanship spirit and pure design concept and integrates them with China's diversified culture, therefore forms our own design style, which creates the greatest derivative value for customers with our specialty, and brings moving environmental experience to users with landscape. Our design field involves urban public space, urban renewal, industrial park, commercial real estate, Expo planning, housing, medical care, ecological environment protection, cultural tourism and characteristic towns. The core team is led by experienced international designers. The Japanese landscape designers based in Beijing and local Japanese senior designers work together with mature international professional landscape design mode and deep understanding of local needs, as well as Japanese designers' meticulous, rigorous and strict control over later construction, to provide a full range of design consulting services and diversified integrated business support from concept design to construction drawing. Representative Works: Part Site Planning of Expo 2010 Shanghai, Landscape Planning of Xian World Horticultural Exposition in 2011, Architectural &Landscape Design of Shanghai Sheshan Full Moon Garden, Xixian Sha River Corridor Ecological Wetland Sports Health Park, Moshan Park of Wuhan East Lake Greenway, Landscape Design of HangZhou UT Starcom Corporate R & D Center, Landscape Design of International Convention Implementation Center of Beijing National Environmental Protection Department, Landscape Desig of Tianjin City Culture Center, Planning &Architectural design of Yuehu Culture Art Center in Wuhan, Landscape Design of Beijing Yintai Center, Landscape Design of Chaoyangmen SOHO, Landscape Design of Zhongguancun No.1, Landscape Design of Zhongguancun Life Science Park, Landscape Design of Suzhou Film and Television Entertainment Town, Landscape Design of Hangzhou ‘Xi Jian Feng Jing’ Community, etc.