patrizia dottori WoodBergs Nature
WoodBergs Nature is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
WoodBergs Nature

These images represent details of sections of trees felled to be transformed into something else. The use of negative inversion and direct printing on aluminum enhance the colors and the concept of destruction of our planet. The artist is inspired by artistic photography and environmental rights, transforming details of nature and flora: photographic technique and rights merge into surreal images to lead the viewer to reflect on what can be done to safeguard the planet. A better world is possible, it also depends on you.

WoodBergs Nature
patrizia dottori WoodBergs
patrizia dottori Nature
patrizia dottori design
patrizia dottori design
patrizia dottori

Photography and politics are my two focal points, my pillars: photographic projects express my vision, often in a surreal way and aiming for beauty. In this I feel special and consistent. A better world is possible, it depends on all of us and I try to convey it through images. Sometimes I think about the shots that I have not taken, but never about future ones ... I keep looking inside myself, as I always have.


My logo is *PatIsHere (Pat is here). the asterisk is used to draw attention to a place, imaginary or real, where I am, or wherever an image has been taken. Pat, which is the diminutive of my name, is here, or she has been here, and here she has expressed her thoughts through images. In the logo the asterisk is predominant and contains the graphic of my face, underlining that it is me who chooses what to say, where and when.