VISANG Math Alive Brand Identity
Math Alive Brand Identity is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Math Alive Brand Identity

Dynamic graphic motifs enrich the learning effect of math in the blended learning environment. Parabolic graphs from mathematics inspired the logo design. Letter A and V are connected with a continuous line, demonstrating the interaction between an educator and a student. It conveys the message that Math Alive guides users to become whiz kids in math. The key visuals represent the transformation of abstract math concepts into three-dimensional graphics. The challenge was to balance the fun and engaging setting for the target audience with professionalism as an educational technology brand.

Math Alive Brand Identity
VISANG Math Alive
VISANG Brand Identity
VISANG design
VISANG design

Ji-Hyun Seo is a general manager of Brand Core in VISANG Education since 2016. As a brand manager, she takes responsibility for developing and executing corporate identity, including each brand's identity that the company holds. She also takes the initiative to communicate the brand values and achieve business goals. VISANG Education Inc. is a leading educational and cultural company in the global education market. VISANG uses the latest innovative educational technology, including various hi-tech secrets of its very own. VISANG's own vision for the future of education has been crafted throughout its 20-year history. As of now, Seo leads the team, Brand Core, to meet innovative challenges and go beyond wildest dreams continually.

VISANG Education Inc.

Visang Education is a leading global education company expanding into the educational technology field with the digital platform brand, AllviA. Visang Education has endeavored to change the education paradigm and to create a learning environment of the future, integrating with existing smart classrooms at schools and academies by overcoming space constraints. Visang Education created an interactive education solution that uses interactive whiteboards and tablets, proceeding to the perfect learning environment for future education. Using digital devices, students can learn all subjects, including languages and math. Visang's education solution provides a comprehensive class solution from lesson preparations to providing homework and reports. Students, parents, and teachers can share learning results and progress through the app, which guides to identify weaknesses and directions for future learning.