Felice Della Gatta Traackr Brand Identity Redesign
Traackr Brand Identity Redesign is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Traackr Brand Identity Redesign

Traackr's brand identity was redesigned with the aim of encompassing the many facets that make it a successful company and product. Through the use of soft shapes for the new icon and pattern elements, the juxtaposition of bold and timeless typography with an eclectic and vibrant color palette the new identity creates endless creative opportunities to represent the dynamic nature of people, communities, influence, and data.

Traackr Brand Identity Redesign
Felice Della Gatta Traackr
Felice Della Gatta Brand Identity Redesign
Felice Della Gatta design
Felice Della Gatta design
Felice Della Gatta

Felice Della Gatta is an Italian, self-taught, freelance graphic designer helping companies worldwide create remarkable brands and products. Leveraging the creative, and geographical freedom freelancing has allowed him Felice has been globetrotting for the past few years while building a thriving graphic design practice. You can now find him in beautiful Ericeira, Portugal, where he keeps serving his clients with passion and dedication from his home studio.

Traackr, Inc.

Traackr is the data-driven influencer marketing platform, providing the intelligence and tools needed to run impactful influencer marketing programs. The platform enables marketers to optimize investments, streamline campaigns, and scale global programs. Traackr powers the most advanced influencer marketing programs in the world for brands including L'Oréal, Shiseido, Revlon, Samsung, Coach, and Wella. Traackr has offices in San Francisco, New York, Boston, London, and Paris.