Shan Ni Free Conversion Storage Rack
Free Conversion Storage Rack is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Furniture Design Award Category.
Free Conversion Storage Rack

The creative feature of this Free conversion storage rack is that the user can freely drag each storage basket on the shelf to the appropriate height. And move the infrequently used storage basket to the inner layer of the storage rack. The storage rack can be placed or fixed on the wall of a narrow space for storing toys, blankets, clothing, etc. This innovation improves the utilization and flexibility of the storage rack, saving space.

Free Conversion Storage Rack
Shan Ni Free Conversion
Shan Ni Storage Rack
Shan Ni design
Shan Ni design
Shan Ni

As a graduate student in product design, Ni Shan is good at finding interesting things in everyday life that fascinate her. She is not good at expression , but she always has bold ideas, so she hopes to express her heart through design. In addition, she hopes to resonate with more people through design, and she hopes to make contributions to the society through design.

by LAFA Industrial Design College

Lu xun academy of fine arts, industrial design is created in 1979, the industrial design was established in 1988, on the basis of professional training to master a new achievement and development trend of the professional and industrial modelling design basic theory and basic skills, has the strong ability of innovation ability and the comprehensive implementation of industrial design.