Jody Del Bianco Flowo Typewriter
Flowo Typewriter is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
Flowo Typewriter

Flowo's design is inspired by the main parts of a classic typewriter, thus the keyboard, the paper roller and the side knobs that allow by rotation, to insert the paper and move it forward. The device consists of a main body which is black and cylindrical and recalls the old roller plus two side control knobs that are use as follows: the left knob allows navigation on the device's menu, while the right one allows to scroll the document moving from one row to the other or from one page to the following. The main body expands with a backlit keyboard that allows typing.

Flowo Typewriter
Jody Del Bianco Flowo
Jody Del Bianco Typewriter
Jody Del Bianco design
Jody Del Bianco design
Jody Del Bianco

Jody Del Bianco is passionate about mechanics, electronics and design. since he was a boy he liked to design and build things. Over the years he has created various projects, humanoid robots, mini cnc milling, stereolithographic 3d printer, laser measuring instruments, a reinterpretation of a modern typewriter, and much more.


Everything comes from an idea. An idea that I try to develop and shape in my free time and when I have time to dedicate to my laboratory. For the moment, the laboratory of ideas is just a hobby and a passion, it is not my job. it is an outlet for my creativity.