Davood Boroojeni Shamim Polymer Factory
Shamim Polymer Factory is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Shamim Polymer Factory

The plant needs to maintain three programs including production facility and lab and office. The lack of defined functional programs in these types of projects is the reasons for their unpleasant spatial quality. This project seeks to solve this problem by utilizing circulation elements to divide unrelated programs. The design of the building revolves around two void spaces. These void spaces create the opportunity for separating functionally unrelated spaces. At the same time acts as a middle courtyard where every part of the building is connected with each other.

Shamim Polymer  Factory
Davood Boroojeni Shamim Polymer
Davood Boroojeni Factory
Davood Boroojeni design
Davood Boroojeni design
Davood Boroojeni

As a technically competent architect with over 15 years of professional experience, he has been involved in different stages of architectural projects including conception of preliminary design ideas, schematic design and design development, as well as producing submittal packages, visual presentations, construction documents, layouts and details through close dialogue with clients, producers, and other engineers. He believe that his communication skills, public relations and problem-solving experience, combined with his background in related software, and his ability to research, schedule and coordinate design in various stages of the project, has made him an employee to depend on, and a key team member.

Shamim Polymer Co.

Shamim Polymer Co. was founded in 2007 backed with polymeric science and decade of industrial experience in reinforced plastic production. Using modern technology and highly skilled specialists and advanced material lab and quality management system have enabled them to produce a wide range of polymeric materials used in automotive industries and packaging and transportation pipe and profile and household products.