Arash Raad Rhapsody Necklace
Rhapsody Necklace is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Rhapsody Necklace

Rhapsody is a hand-crafted fine jewellery designed for today’s elegant and sophisticated tastes, while it revives the glory of Middle-Eastern cultures and their rich and epic history. It is made by employing traditional techniques and material in Mashhad city in Iran, a destination of Muslim pilgrimage and a center of traditional crafts. Rhapsody is a modern wearable sculpture based on Islamic geometry that is made for anyone who is eager for an elegant and stylish look.

Rhapsody Necklace
Arash Raad Rhapsody
Arash Raad Necklace
Arash Raad design
Arash Raad design
Arash Raad

Arash Raad (b. 1971, Mashhad, Iran) is a jewellery designer and engineer. Raad’s practice is influenced by the art and cultural heritage of Iran, where he was born, raised and lives. Raad revisits traditional motifs and vernacular to design handmade jewelleries that have both authentic and contemporary aspects. Coming from an engineering background, Raad is experienced in working with a variety of material and tools. That experience makes him capable of fabricating complicated concepts and manufacturing handmade products in the finest quality. His work is elegant and innovative, while, at the same time, it addresses his identity and history.

Arash Raad

Arash Raad Design established in 2015 in Mashhad, Iran by Arash Raad, a former mechanical engineer who was seeking to fulfill his long-life enthusiasm for design. Arash Raad products includes furniture, Jewelry and accessories. Influenced by the Middle-Eastern cultural pride and growing tendencies towards revisiting the heritage, Arash Raad Design dedicates its effort to create products that achieves both authenticity and novelty at the same time. To aim this goal, Arash Raad Design combines vernacular knowledge and traditional tools and material with contemporary aesthetics and theories.