Rom Joseph M. Pamintuan Ryujin Illustration
Ryujin Illustration is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Ryujin Illustration

Ryujin is a design that came from imagination, passion and creativity. A design to depict a Japanese mythical God. Ryujin is created and spired from Japanese mythology guardian of the sea that made to have of strong appeal to the clients, audience and fans. It is a project for senpai to be placed in their clothing line and other merchandise.

Ryujin Illustration
Rom Joseph M. Pamintuan Ryujin
Rom Joseph M. Pamintuan Illustration
Rom Joseph M. Pamintuan design
Rom Joseph M. Pamintuan design
Rom Joseph M. Pamintuan

A designer who has a passion for what he does best. He makes sure that every artwork and design he does represents his capability and skills. He aims to make a difference in this industry and make an impact or inspire those individuals who want to pursue a design career.


Senpai is a premiere clothing brand in the Philippines inspired by Japanese streetwear and anime culture. The brand Produces original Japanese-themed designs that turn into limited edition products made with obsessive attention to detail, passion, and competent standards for the market. Senpai is a registered trademark in the Philippines.