Catarina Santos Cobra Pendant Light
Cobra Pendant Light is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Cobra Pendant Light

This product opens the space for the unconscious, adding to the primary goal of the product, human, spiritual, ecological and consumer responsibility issues. The Cobra was designed to be applied in conjunction with an interior garden for the company's showroom at its facilities. The purpose of this combination was to create a specific language and convey a message about nature and humans connecting, as it went from a simple lighting product to an art installation, where the form itself becomes self-reflecting.

Cobra Pendant Light
Catarina Santos Cobra
Catarina Santos Pendant Light
Catarina Santos design
Catarina Santos design
Catarina Santos

Simplicity is a good word to define her. She believes that life is to be lived with the utmost authenticity, believes that we go further when we cooperate and care for each other. She is important in the sense that we are all important and this expanded vision makes all the difference. It is by example that we help the World to become a better place, and to set an example it is necessary to be very resilient, demanding, focused, interested, curious, flexible and authentic. Life has already shown her that in the end the most important thing is love and that is why she always try to place love in everything that she does. We think that for that reason we care so much about how we want our products to be responsible to the planet, to human, animal and plant life, lighting is a task of great responsibility because it interferes deeply with everyone's life, it has to be always done with great care. We believe that we are managing to move in this direction, in Portugal it is an area where there is still not much information, where people in general still do not know how important it is to live in spaces where there is a careful and properly prepared lighting. We have been trying to do this awareness work through monitoring and demonstration. We believe that it is really important for the future not only of society but also of the planet, to integrate the awareness-raising part in this area, it is no longer enough to just buy, you need to know what you are buying and buy the right thing . Otherwise, we are contributing to a more polluted planet and less healthy people. They believe that as long as their voice is not audible, their talents will not be visible.

Tromilux - Iluminação Técnica Lda.

Tromilux stands out as a key player in the portuguese lighting business as a manufacturer with a steady growth since its establishment in December 2004. With the aim of manufacturing, assembly and marketing of lighting equipment, over time Tromilux has remained true to its values like competence, quality, safety and accuracy. Tromilux continuously invests in the diversification of markets and products, aware that only a good service and an image of confidence, combined with innovation and quality, meet the needs and expectations of its customers.