Ihyeon Yun Burning Lift Skincare Machine
Burning Lift Skincare Machine is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Award Category.
Burning Lift Skincare Machine

In today's market, technology driven design differentiation through personalization is critical to product competitiveness. Beauty medical device products need to be able to give users a future oriented feel in terms of added value. It is a smart home care product that makes easy for the general user to perform skin procedures. Designed with feature optimization and refined detail, it's a new challenge that will satisfy both producers and consumers.

Burning Lift Skincare Machine
Ihyeon Yun Burning Lift
Ihyeon Yun Skincare Machine
Ihyeon Yun design
Ihyeon Yun design
Ihyeon Yun

Always trying to think positively on everything and living with interpersonal relationships as the most important value of life, he tries to be a person who can give joy and happiness to people as well. Since he transferred his major from Visual Design to Industrial Design, he was able to achieve numerous experiences by the various design projects and has the ability to perform borderless work such as combining 2D, 3D works, etc. He's thinking always that “What do people in the world really need and want?”


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