Samira Katebi Biochal Tourism Recreation Zone
Biochal Tourism Recreation Zone is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Urban Planning and Urban Design Award Category.
Biochal Tourism Recreation Zone

Sand extraction in Tehran has created a pit with eight hundred sixty thousand square meters area and seventy meters height. Due to the city expansion, this region is now inside of it, a threat to the city and has caused environmental pollution. Biochal attempt has been made to turn this large pit into a tourist area and national park with urban attractive functions inside of Tehran metropolis that it is turn a threat into an opportunity.

Biochal Tourism Recreation Zone
Samira Katebi Biochal
Samira Katebi Tourism Recreation Zone
Samira Katebi design
Samira Katebi design
Samira Katebi

I am an architect and illustrator. I think every human being is born with a unique purpose. I will expand and improve the world as much as I can achieve my dreams. Design that solves the problems of society and is compatible with the culture and economic and climatic conditions of society and is nature-friendly can create a more beautiful world for present and future generations. In my designs you will fall in love, love the earth.


Biochal has been prepared for Tehran Municipality. Its purpose is to turn a large excavation pit into a tourist area. Creating green space and wildlife in center of Tehran, friendship with nature and animals, improving the quality of life in the city will be the achievements of this project.