Goi Jien Ming Luxury of Silence Residential
Luxury of Silence Residential is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Luxury of Silence Residential

Fine and delicate materials imply the quality of the space in a luxury but humble way. A juxtaposition of the darkness and natural light to balance out the living space with sharp contrast. And a space that serves to expand and create a timeless space. The new volume of dark colors and the combination of marble and wood grain has greatly brought out the quality of the entire space. Integrating with indirect lighting and natural light to give a sense of warmness.

Luxury of Silence Residential
Goi Jien Ming Luxury of Silence
Goi Jien Ming Residential
Goi Jien Ming design
Goi Jien Ming design
Goi Jien Ming

Established in year 2018, Creator Design is a branding agency based in Malaysia. In Creator Design, they believe that the key to success is having a balance between art and client’s requirement. Every successful brand shouldn’t be only having input from one single side. It should be a cooperative between client’s input according to their brand’s philosophy, operation and designers’ ideas and professionalism turning them into visual direction and identities. It is their enthusiasm, dedication, and passion in creating great brands had led them who they are today.

Creator Design Studio

Creator Design Studio specializes in four different fields including branding, graphic design, interior design and architecture. Creator Design Studio focuses on two big elements - CREATIONS and TRANSFORMATION. We professionally assist new businesses and brands to create their stories, products and visions into reality. Through our creative marketing strategy, we transform existing businesses and brands to a whole new identity by providing a full coverage of graphic design, interior design, website design, photography, printing & installation and video filming. We don't only focus on design, we also understand client's needs. We integrate creativity and imagination to create a cohesive visual enjoyment.