Muhammed El Sepaey Dunes Auditorium
Dunes Auditorium is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Dunes Auditorium

Design aims to attract students through offering both traditional and modern attitude, to strengthen student's belonging to the campus and constant aspiration for success. The entire palette of materials was chosen to suit the historic surroundings, inspired by the Kingdom historical heritage, the Arabian Desert and sand dunes that express the beauty and dynamic movement of the wind. Machs visitors are welcomed by big lobby with an iconic dome and medical art wall full of chemicals and medicine symbols by many languages of science, to create interactive spaces to be part of students' memories.

Dunes Auditorium
Muhammed El Sepaey Dunes
Muhammed El Sepaey Auditorium
Muhammed El Sepaey design
Muhammed El Sepaey design
Muhammed El Sepaey

Muhammed El-Sepaey is a Design Manager, his duties start with the conceptual design, design development, coordination, material selection and following up the construction sites until projects handover. His Designs are examples of attitudes rather than designs. His passion for healthcare architecture is fueled by the desire to create healing environment to engage patients in the conscious process of self-healing and spiritual growth. His adept technical, organizational and interpersonal skills are an asset to any team and are evidenced by the successes of his diverse experiences with a range of clinical spaces and building typologies.

Mohammad Almana College of Health Sciences (Machs)

MACHS, one of the higher education institutes that is specialized in healthcare education. Academic collaboration and partnership with both the American University of Beirut and the University of Oregon in the US. Courses offered include Pharmacy, Nursing, Laboratory sciences with future plans for Anesthesia, respiratory care, radiology and Imaging sciences. MACHS is one of 6 successful companies under Almana holding Group. Today Almana stands tall and proudly claims to be the largest medical company and healthcare providers in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.