Maurice Taylor X897 Pl1 Lighting
X897 Pl1 Lighting is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
X897 Pl1 Lighting

The limited-edition X897 PL1 draws inspiration from the beauty of the cherry blossoming in spring. Maurice Taylor's design comprises folded aluminum layers with a white powder-coat finish that wrap around the light bulb like petals. The pendant light has been designed to carry a removable light filter that subtly taints the layers in color. In total, there are 100 lights and 100 corresponding digital certificates produced. These blockchain-based digital certificates (NFT's) carry a unique, numbered printable artwork linking back to the original inspiration, the cherry blossom.

X897 Pl1 Lighting
Maurice Taylor X897 Pl1
Maurice Taylor Lighting
Maurice Taylor design
Maurice Taylor design
Maurice Taylor

X897 is the brainchild of the creative duo Julia Muszynski and Maurice Taylor. Julia has a background in big-tech and fashion marketing, whereas industrial designer Maurice Taylor is a former Design Lead at one of the biggest lifestyle and sportswear brands in the world. Having both witnessed mass consumption up close, the couple shared a goal to move away from fashion. The result was influenced by Maurice Taylor's time in streetwear, tapping into Japanese design aesthetics: Minimalistic, functional, and beautiful at the same time. And so, they founded X897 in 2021 (the X897 - part is actually taken from their postcode), with a vision to encourage more conscious consumption. How? By focusing on timeless design collectibles made to last.

X897 Furniture Limited

X897 Furniture Limited is an Irish manufacturer of furniture. Founded in Dublin in 2020 by Julia Muszynski& Maurice Taylor, the company aims to responsibly design furniture to brighten up homes. In 2021 X897 Furniture presented the Worlds first NFT linked pendant light. All of X897 Furniture's products are made in Europe to achieve and maintain quality.