Alexey Danilin Silhouettes Lamp
Silhouettes Lamp is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Silhouettes Lamp

The lamp was designed on the principle of matryoshka dolls. It consists of three metal elements of different scales. They can be rotated and change the appearance of the lamp. To satisfy the customer's taste. These elements can be folded. With this, the lamp will become smaller. This will reduce the box and transportation costs. Each metal element resembles the silhouette of a classic table lamp. But smoother, to resemble the shape of a matryoshka doll. In the middle of the lamp is a sphere made of frosted glass. Inside the sphere are LEDs.

Silhouettes Lamp
Alexey Danilin Silhouettes
Alexey Danilin Lamp
Alexey Danilin design
Alexey Danilin design
Alexey Danilin

I was born in 1987 in a Russian-Ukrainian family. Graduated from the university with a degree in fine arts. I started working in 2010 as an interior designer with French decorator Vanina Boudet. Later I continued my career as event designer and decorator. My New Year's jewelry was published in the book Holiday Design - THE FESTIVE&JOYFUL by SendPoints. Later, I tried myself as a modern artist. I exhibited my works at the Youth Biennale of Modern Art with the installation "Futuristic cross", which then decorated the Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. I am a member of the Moscow Union of Artists. I designed Shell sofa-transformers, for which I received my first "Red Dot" award. Then I began to produce author's lamps, which were exhibited at Moscow Design Week. My works were also published in Interni, ELLE Decoration, Yanko Design, and they decorated the cover of Light Design PRO. Since 2014, I have been designing lamps for the Maytoni brand, where I created the design of several hundred lamps. My works were exhibited at the Maytoni brand exhibitions: "Isaloni" in Milan, "Light + Building" in Frankfurt and Maison & Objet in Paris, as well as exhibitions in Hong Kong, Poland, Russia and other countries. I have won over two dozen international awards in object design.

Maytoni GmbH

Maytoni is a young, dynamic company that has been designing and producing sophisticated collections of trendy, decorative luminaires since 2009. Since its inception, the company products have been represented in more than 32 countries around the world.