Ruud van der Koelen Villa K Residential Project
Villa K Residential Project is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Villa K Residential Project

On the sloping south flank of the Holterberg, Van der Jeugd Architecten has designed a contemporary villa with very spacious dimensions. Thanks to the carefully designed integration into the beautiful landscape, a materialization that matches the stature of the villa, and sophisticated detailing, the design approaches that of a "Gezamtkunstwerk". All the more because the house requires little maintenance and is self-sufficient, you can rightly speak of a "sustainable beauty".

Villa K Residential Project
Ruud van der Koelen Villa K
Ruud van der Koelen Residential Project
Ruud van der Koelen design
Ruud van der Koelen design
Van der Jeugd Architecten

Our architecture is refined, spatially powerful, expressive, aesthetically minimalist and is designed with an eye for detail. Not only do the buildings function well, they add value to the environment: sustainable buildings that are appreciated and differentiate the lives of the users.