Philipp Hainke PowerPlace Charging Station
PowerPlace Charging Station is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Energy Products, Projects and Devices Design Award Category.
PowerPlace Charging Station

PowerPlace is a charging device that makes electricity accessible in the everyday living space. The object combines extension cable, portable battery, storage space and a variety of charging interfaces in one organized object. Its puristic design language, paired with a technological inside, making it a hybrid that represents a new category of furniture. The color accent used for the handle helps to recognize the object in any environment. The fields of use range from private homes, cafes, co-working spaces and offices to hotels and bars.

PowerPlace Charging Station
Philipp Hainke PowerPlace
Philipp Hainke Charging Station
Philipp Hainke design
Philipp Hainke design
Philipp Hainke

In his work Philipp combines traditional knowledge with contemporary technology to new, innovative concepts. For him, design goes far beyond the form of an object, it becomes the intersection of social, technical and ecological issues and is therefore a key element in our globalized world. He paraphrase the contemporary role of a designer as an active observer. Different to a passive observer which analyses and describes a situation he describes the active observer as one that analyses a situation, processes it and most important acts on it.

Philipp Hainke

The project has been created during a Master Thesis at the Berlin University of the Arts and was not made for a specific client. The main goal was to rethink conventional design and furniture categories and to develop a design based on user needs.