Saedeh Sorouri Nostalgium Jewelry
Nostalgium Jewelry is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Nostalgium Jewelry

"Nostalgium" is created based upon the combination of popular Persian nostalgies and is a reminiscent of the days filled with joy and happiness in which the courtyard pond and Geraniums flowerpots surrounding it, were two inextricable elements in the architecture of courtyards in Persian Houses. The days when families used to gather in the yard, it was one of the joyful things to do before modernism. The design was inspired by these two nostalgies in order to convey aesthetic and delightful feeling of pleasant past memories. “Nostalgium“ is created from Nostalgia and Gerenium.

Nostalgium Jewelry
Saedeh Sorouri Nostalgium
Saedeh Sorouri Jewelry
Saedeh Sorouri design
Saedeh Sorouri design
Saedeh Sorouri

She is engaged in an activity related to creating art,practicing the arts.she have skills to conceptualize and make creative works. She can reshape our world into a best place, once again freedom of tought and real comminication can be disseminated through art and the universal language of realism. She teach more things about art to her students. She is talented,creative,has good imagination and good ideas about about art and everything related.

Saeded Sorouri

This brand is about new design of fine silver that is “Art Clay Silver”. The brand was started in 1918 with the aim of designing modern jewelry. The designs are inspired by nature and the beauties of nature. After design, jewelry is made by the modern process of making silver. There is a meaning in every design that makes people to think about it.