Rafał Czaniecki Svper 11 Wrist Watch
Svper 11 Wrist Watch is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Svper 11 Wrist Watch

Svper11 is a celebration of the NASA Apollo11 mission - one of the most inspiring achievements in human history. The face was designed to resemble the landing site area - Mare Tranquillitatis in a form of 3D topographic map. Other elements are also inspired by the mission, like the crown that is a scaled replica of the NASA spacesuit oxygen valves. The use of technical ceramic of the case back references the ceramic tiles used as insulator on the Space Shuttle. Subtle branding adds detail without taking away from the main inspiration behind the watch.

Svper 11 Wrist Watch
Rafał Czaniecki Svper 11
Rafał Czaniecki Wrist Watch
Rafał Czaniecki design
Rafał Czaniecki design
Rafał Czaniecki

Rafał Czaniecki finished his studies at Warsaw's Art Academy, right after moved to Shenzhen, China to start his career as a UI Designer at HARMAN International, working for brands like Harman/Kardon and JBL. He managed to grow withing the organisation and got an opportunity to reinvent AKG brand with new design and branding and marketing direction. Later on Rafał was challenged with leading the JBL Packaging Design and JBL Industrial Design Teams. Through the years Rafał is inspiring other designers by releasing passion projects as an independent designer. His watch design was successfully funded via Kickstarter campaign.


The brand was created in tandem with the product. The name reflects the product origin and suggest the connection with Apollo11 Mission. Svper written with "V" reflects the Latin way of spelling that is used to describe the areas, crates and other elements on the map of the Moon.