DAGA Architects Baochao Hutong Invisible Yard
Baochao Hutong Invisible Yard is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Baochao Hutong Invisible Yard

This small courtyard is located in a hutong in Beijing, where the client lived with her grandparents when she was a child. However, the house has been dilapidated due to years of wandering. The purpose of this renovation is to create a living space suitable for the modern lifestyle for the client. Mirror glass is used on the ground and walls of the yard. The unique reflectivity of the material allows the surrounding hutongs, trees, and sky to be reflected on the ground of the yard, which brings more possibilities to space.

Baochao Hutong Invisible Yard
DAGA Architects Baochao Hutong
DAGA Architects Invisible Yard
DAGA Architects design
DAGA Architects design
DAGA Architects

As a pioneer and practitioner in the field of “Urban Renovation” in China, DAGA Architects is widely participated in architectural design, interior design, urban planning and landscape design projects, providing international standard design quality, focusing on creativity and details. DAGA Architects also track the whole process of the project. Especially in the practice of co-working and co-living renovation in Beijing hutong area, DAGA Architects find a way to balance the existing building and new design ,provide people with a more harmonious and shared lifestyle.

DAGA Architects

DAGA Architects were focused on urban renewal design and have extensive experience in Co-working Space design. Founded in Beijing in 2015, it was co-founded by Shen Jianghai, an architect who worked at the famous Zaha Hadid Architects in the UK, and Ren Xiaowei, Xu Yunfei and Huang Da. The founders of DAGA Architects have good work experience of top international architecture and interior design firms, participate in many landmark projects, they have an international vision, and be familiar with Parametric Design and manufacturing processes. As a pioneer and practitioner in the field of “urban renewal”, DAGA Architects participates extensively in architecture design, interior design, urban planning, and landscape design services, providing international standard design quality, focusing on creativity and detail, track and implement the project on a full-time basis. The design and construction integration project have been spread over many places in China and abroad, and has been widely recognized by domestic and foreign industry and media.