Andrey Prokopenko ProArt Illustration
ProArt Illustration is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
ProArt Illustration

Natural Landscapes can be the perfect place to be inspired and rejuvenated. Andrey Prokopenko's illustrations depict mountains, waterfalls, forests and other landscapes. The whole series of illustrations, as if the viewer glimpses a window that looks at the world and seems untouchable, but at the same time so close. Each illustration is like a frozen moment of some history, so that everyone can enjoy and feel this moment. The illustrations have a consistent style with the sun/moon as their center and dominant color. If you look closely at the details, the illustrations look very rich.

ProArt Illustration
Andrey Prokopenko ProArt
Andrey Prokopenko Illustration
Andrey Prokopenko design
Andrey Prokopenko design
Andrey Prokopenko

Graphic designer and illustrator from Ukraine. Has been professionally engaged in design for over 10 years. Keen artist from childhood, he skillfully embodies his passion and talent in his illustrations, covering a variety of subjects, eye-pleasing palettes and beautiful compositions. His illustrations, usually framed by form, in most cases in a circle, tell us stories that give us an opportunity to look into another reality that has just revealed a part of itself.