Anri Sugihara Gaaba Infant Cart
Gaaba Infant Cart is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Category.
Gaaba Infant Cart

A large stroller designed as a disaster prevention and evacuation device that enhances survivability by improving rough road running ability and safety as evacuation equipment in the event of a disaster, reducing the burden on childcare workers in normal times, and pursuing ergonomic ease of use. It is designed as a Dual Product (used in both normal times and emergencies) that combines these two goals and it can protect children in case of emergency.

Gaaba Infant Cart
Anri Sugihara Gaaba
Anri Sugihara Infant Cart
Anri Sugihara design
Anri Sugihara design
Anri Sugihara

CEO and the design director of RDS Co., Ltd. and the founder and the head editor of HERO X, Japanese web magazine about culture, para-sports, technology, and some.

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