Tingting Chen Dongfangfu Pillow
Dongfangfu Pillow is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design Award Category.
Dongfangfu Pillow

Dongfangfu pillow aims to provide comfortable sleep through quality fabric and filling materials. It features three distinct heights in three different sections based on the ergonomic design, so that the pillow can support the head and neck whether people sleep on the front, side or back. Both the material and the shape design reflect the designer's meticulous care for the sleeper. With durable materials, the down pillow offers support and alignment year after year.

Dongfangfu Pillow
Tingting Chen Dongfangfu
Tingting Chen Pillow
Tingting Chen design
Tingting Chen design
Tingting Chen

Founded in 2018, the Chinese brand Banshan is focusing on the design and material research of male underwear. Combining ergonomics and simple aesthetics, the brand aims to reshape the comfortable sense for every Asian, and bring them a pleasant feeling from the inside out. In the process of research, it continues to develop products made from silk that is suitable for Asians. With a mature development team of more than 20 people, it has got 6 patents in 3 years and it has achieved rapid development in the underwear industry.

Anhui Homchang Feather&Down Manufacture Co.,Ltd

The designer Bin Wu has been engaged in the down industry to provide high-quality sleeping solutions for over 11 years for all kinds of sleepers. As a member of the China Down Industry Standardization Expert Committee, he is one of the drafters of China's 5A down classification standard and China's high-quality down jackets standard. Mr. Wu is also the director of China Down Industry Association, an outstanding entrepreneur in China Down Industry, and the Secretary General of Anhui Down & Fur Industry Association.