Naoyuki Aoki The Bamboo Forest Simple Lodging
The Bamboo Forest Simple Lodging is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Award Category.
The Bamboo Forest Simple Lodging

The design concept of this facility is to have you spend an elegant time in a quiet bamboo forest and to get rid of your daily stress. To create an extraordinary space, we have placed a dome-shaped tent with a subdued color, a cotton tent with a gel-like atmosphere, and a tree house with the image of a giraffe. As a result, all tents have been well received for their calmness and distinctive furniture in animal-named tents.

The Bamboo Forest Simple Lodging
Naoyuki Aoki The Bamboo Forest
Naoyuki Aoki Simple Lodging
Naoyuki Aoki design
Naoyuki Aoki design
Naoyuki Aoki

We are mainly developing a business that is close to people to help "express people's feelings in housing" through cooperative houses. Recently, we are developing consulting services related to office buildings, hotels, accommodation businesses, business revitalization, and "town development" that has expanded their scale. This time, at the request of the zoo, we opened a glamping facility and were entrusted with the operation. Based on the concept of animal therapy, we have proposed accommodations adjacent to a zoo, which is rare in Japan, and are now very popular with families with children.


Bamboo Forest Co., Ltd. was established on January 6, 2020 as the main operator of the glamping facility "The Bamboo Forest". While continuing to operate this glamping facility, we will continue to develop new facilities and explore the trends of zoos nationwide, while also conducting consulting business for glamping facility management as one business model.