William Hailiang Chen Moonlight Huotang Fireplace for Dong Ethnicity
Moonlight Huotang Fireplace for Dong Ethnicity is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Award Category.
Moonlight Huotang Fireplace for Dong Ethnicity

As the first commission project of Huotang series for the Dong ethnicity in Guangnan county, Guangxi of China, Moonlight Huotang is particularly for the group of villagers who carry on the Pipa music culture. The unique convex shape of the ceiling enhances the sense of gathering in response to a better acoustic environment while the entry chamber provides a multifunction space as a changing room, food preparation room and confession room. It is part of a culture-led rural regeneration which intends to revive the economy of a county whose young generations have moved to larger urban areas.

Moonlight Huotang Fireplace for Dong Ethnicity
William Hailiang Chen Moonlight Huotang
William Hailiang Chen Fireplace for Dong Ethnicity
William Hailiang Chen design
William Hailiang Chen design
William Hailiang Chen

William Hailiang Chen has transferred himself from an artist to a professional qualified architect, graduated from the Architectural Association School with awarded Alvin Boyarsky Scholarship and Nicholas Boas Travel Award. He went on working for UK famous practices such as Wilkinson Eyre Architect, Populous and Foster and Partners on several prestigious projects, including winning the competition of 440m tower of Guangzhou International Finance Centre, the design of London Olympic 2012 Stadium from inception to completion and Apple Campus 2. Despite the success in UK, as Principal Architect he took on the challenge back to China leading the team on managing Wanda Group’s overseas projects including Wanda One Nine Elmes, Wanda Sydney One, Paris Europacity and Wanda Vista Tower project in Chicago. Alongside the big projects, as founder of Creative Prototyping Unit he is leading a research team on digital fabrication of various small experimental projects. William teaches part time at the Southeast University in Nanjing and is setting up an urban regeneration research program in relation to sports sector.

Creative Protyping Unit

Creative Prototyping Unit Limited is a multidisciplinary design studio based in London and Beijing. The Studio seeks to develop a trans-disciplinary discourse in the intersection of art, science, technology and culturally conscious research. Working in a wide range of design fields with a holistic design approach, CPU studio strives to challenge the norms and deliver innovative solutions which offers a profound understanding and interpretation of the full range of creative possibilities. Projects range from small furniture, product design and art installation to median size of space design, hotel design and large scale of stadium design.