Marta Perla Siro Lamp
Siro Lamp is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Siro Lamp

Design should be understandable, sensitive and necessary. It's terrific how a road sign is readable by everyone or how an object recalls of a particular period of people life. Solving and interpreting without leaving behind respect for environment: this is good design with hope to reconnect human beings to nature. Siro is a table lamp, composed by a hemisphere and a disc, unleashing a radiant light toward the inside. When observed from the front, the lamp seems to consist of two bi-dimensional shapes, creating an illusion of perfect equilibrium.

Siro Lamp
Marta Perla Siro
Marta Perla Lamp
Marta Perla design
Marta Perla design
Marta Perla

Marta Perla was born in 1995 in Terni, where she lived until the age of 20. After graduating from foreing language high school, Perla relocates to Rome to study Product Design at IED. She completes the course of study with the research thesis in collaboration with Oluce. Particular attention is given to the whole graphic aspect of the product and to the philosophy that invests an object because it is the reason for the shape itself.


Founded in 1945, Oluce is the oldest Italian design company in the illumination sector still in operation today. The design qualities of the lamps make them icons that communicate across the generations to become an integral part of the homes they furnish. The company was founded in 1945 by Giuseppe Ostuni. In 1951 Oluce took part in the IX Triennale di Milano , presenting, in the lighting section, a luminator designed by Franco Buzzi. In the second edition of the Compasso d'Oro in 1955, two lamps by Tito Agnoli were selected (the floor model 363 and one for the bookcase). [1] In 1954, the 255/387 luminaire (called "Agnoli") [2] marks the end of the era of lampshades and the beginning of the adoption of floor lamps. At the end of the decade, Gianni and Joe Colombo designed the "Acrilica" table lamp [3] , present in the Oluce catalog since 1962 and gold medal at the XIII Milan Triennale [4] . In 1963, Marco Zanuso designed the model 275 table lamp for Oluce, put into production in 1965. In 1964/66 , the family of watertight outdoor lamps was born with Joe Colombo from the molded glass known as " Fresnel lens ". Fresnel 2. Followed, in 1965, by the group "Spider" [5] which won the first Compasso d'Oro for Oluce and, in 1972, was exhibited in New York in the exhibition "Italy: the New Domestic Landscape". In 1967 Colombo with the "Coupé" model, kept at the MoMa , proposed a curved stem of considerable size to support a semi-cylindrical cap. The Coupé won the International Design Award of the American Institute of Interior Designers in Chicago in 1968 . In 1970, one year after the death of Joe Colombo, the "Halogen lamp" was born, which went into production in 1972, the first indoor halogen to appear on the market [6] . Meanwhile, the ownership of Oluce passes to the Verderi family; Vico Magistretti is the company's art director and main designer. [7] In the 90s, the designers were Hannes Wettstein, who made the "Soirée" model, Riccardo Dalisi with the "Sister" and "Zefiro" models, and Marco Romanelli (with whom Sebastian Bergne, Hans Peter Weidmann, Laudani & Romanelli collaborate). In 1997 the "Estela" lamp was the first object in industrial production by the brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana. In 2000, with the "Nuvola" series, Toni Cordero began collaborating with Oluce, of which "Nuvola" will be the last project. In 2001 stones in white Murano glass and transparent perspex canes (designed by Laudani & Romanelli and Ferdi Giardini) represent the Oluce stand at Euroluce. The design team includes the American Tim Power, the Scandinavian Harri Koskinen and the Italian Carlo Colombo. Ferdi Giardini designs the "Nerolia" lamp, Francesco Rota "Ibiza", Laudani & Romanelli "Cand-led", Harri Koskinen "Lamppu". Then follows, with "Sorane" first and then with "Switch", Oki Sato (Nendo).