Dabi Robert Cling Floor Lamp
Cling Floor Lamp is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Cling Floor Lamp

Cling is a floor lamp by Robert Dabi. Emerging from the floor plate, the pole seamlessly wraps around a spotless LED ring made of a slim aluminium profile in a diameter of 55 cm. Within the area between pole and the frame holding the light ring, a flexible section is incorporated. This makes it possible to freely move or tilt the ring and thereby adapt the appearance of the lamp to its' surrounding. Robert constructed the lamp with stability in mind – heavy lower steel parts and top aluminium parts sum up to only 2,5 kg of weight.

Cling Floor Lamp
Dabi Robert Cling
Dabi Robert Floor Lamp
Dabi Robert design
Dabi Robert design
Dabi Robert

My name is Robert and I am based in Nuremberg, Germany. My story in a nutshell: Coming from a Graphic Design background, I set foot into product design while co-founding two watch brands in 2010. With friends in Hong Kong, we are still active world-wide. I have also worked for a Tech Startup Incubator, and since around 2017 my very passion is lighting design.

Robert Dabi Graphic and Product Design

I'm an interdisciplinary designer from Germany. I touched many branches like illustration, graphic design, 3d sculpting, print, screen- and interaction design, branding, typography and photography. Then I started with product design while co-founding two watch brands. With friends in Hong Kong, we are still active world-wide. I was visual designer for a tech startup incubator, and last but not least worked my way into lighting design by learning how to build lamps.