Hiroshi Udo Dr. Cut Bonsai Gardening Shears
Dr. Cut Bonsai Gardening Shears is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Agricultural Tools, Farming Equipment and Machinery Design Award Category.
Dr. Cut Bonsai Gardening Shears

The idea to create silicon covered shears was originally concepted by the designer to protect the ailing hands of Japanese orange farmers that picked each orange by hand. The silicon grips were tested and refined to protect the hand. Due to it's effectiveness the design team decided to use the research to apply the grips to various other shears. The Dr.Cut Bonsai is their latest version. The blade is crafted by experts with a long tradition in blade forging. The shears are coated with soft silicon grips that were designed to reduce pain, fatigue. Crafted in Japan.

Dr. Cut Bonsai Gardening Shears
Hiroshi Udo Dr. Cut Bonsai
Hiroshi Udo Gardening Shears
Hiroshi Udo design
Udoergo co., Ltd.

Udoergo is a product design company based in Hiroshima, Japan. The company is lead by a physician with a background in ergonomics. His solution for his patients ailments lead to his interest in creating ergonomic products. Him and his company has been involved in the creation of ball point pens, office chairs, sleeping mattresses, gardening shears and many others.