Neda Mirani Ivy Café
Ivy Café is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Ivy Café

Criteria such as economic efficiency, fast implementation and create a new atmosphere in town were important design challenges to consider, so focus on available resources in the project area was chosen as problem-solving approach. Assets that can meet the above demands and also improve the design quality. There are many cement block factories in this area. A modular material that can shape the project with all of the proposed criteria. Along with the pure texture and neutral color of the block, a supplement such as Ivy was chosen which plays an important role in the space vitality.

Ivy Café
Neda Mirani Ivy
Neda Mirani Café
Neda Mirani design
Neda Mirani design
Neda Mirani

Neda Mirani, Master of Architecture, University of Guilan, Iran The first rate of the university in the Architecture master's degree Winner and nominee of internal and international architecture awards Design manager of architecture office in Tonekabon, Iran

Neda Mirani

Neda Mirani has a Master degree of Architecture from University of Guilan in Iran. She has achieved the first rank of university in the master's degree of architecture. She has also won and been nominated for numerous domestic and international architecture awards. In addition, she is engaged in professional architectural activities.