Quincy Li The Osmanthus Grace Sales Center
The Osmanthus Grace Sales Center is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
The Osmanthus Grace Sales Center

By defining a series of sub-spaces which have various scales but interact with each other well, the architect establishes the episode of introduction, development, and bridge, passing out the atmosphere of simpleness Time and space are evolved throughout the project, blurring the boundary of architecture, and combining humanity and nature. Therefore, the project is a perfect response to traditional Chinese gardens.

The Osmanthus Grace Sales Center
Quincy Li The Osmanthus Grace
Quincy Li Sales Center
Quincy Li design
Quincy Li design
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Wan Jing Design firm (referred to as the Wan Jing Design), which was founded in 2014, focuses on interior decoration art design, with smart space and unique style as its concept. In contrast to the present interior design style which is too formal with excessive stacking design elements, we pay more attention to the continuity of interior and exterior space and its creative thinking. We offer the best indoor design solutions with elegant and productive time extensibility based on our own understanding of buildings, surroundings and the core value of the products.