Estere Savicka Kuss Acoustic Panels
Kuss Acoustic Panels is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award Category.
Kuss Acoustic Panels

Kuss are sound absorption panels designed to bring calmness into homes, open offices and any other public spaces by absorbing the excessive noise. Panels are made out of ecological and non-toxic composite by using organic rich lake sediments, sapropel as a binder, mixed with natural fibres. The extraction of sapropel helps to improve the quality of freshwater resources and lake ecosystems. By using the extracted sapropel in design production, both the noisy city environment and the ecosystem of a lake are improved.

Kuss Acoustic Panels
Estere Savicka Kuss
Estere Savicka Acoustic Panels
Estere Savicka design
Estere Savicka design
Estere Savicka

Estere is a young professional, currently pursuing a career in architecture. Her work is oriented to sustainable architecture and re-use of buildings. Together with Vaira Obuka, an environmental sciences researcher, they are finding ways of applying natural local resources to high-quality design. Since both sides are represented - design and research, they strive to find the best option for both. So that not only natural resources are utilised, but they are collected and used in a way that makes the ecosystem benefit from it.