Mateus Morgan Spiderweb Key Visual
Spiderweb Key Visual is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Computer Graphics and 3D Model Design Award Category.
Spiderweb Key Visual

The main idea was to create something that brings all the attention to the product, using less elements as possible and creating some connection with the target public at the same time. The web element also refers to the grip of the shoe and his wild nature, bringing a personification to the product. The mood also transmits technology, present on the shoe essence and a pinch of a mystical language that comes with the spider web element that also represents the shoesole grip.

Spiderweb Key Visual
Mateus Morgan Spiderweb
Mateus Morgan Key Visual
Mateus Morgan design
Mateus Morgan design
Mateus Morgan

General graphic designer with more than 12 years experience in the market. Specialist in 3D (organic modeling and hard surface) and Design. Owner of a Design Studio recently with two partners, having attended clients such as Vivo, Amanco, C & A and Editora Abril: Superinteressante and Mundo Estranho, offering quality work for large Brazilian clients. I have a lot of knowledge in the footwear industry, where I attended all the biggest brands in the city where I was born, which is known as the national capital of men's shoes.

Morgan Studio

The Morgan Studio is focused on creating high level 3D images and videos and has a specialized team on simulations, animation, 3D modelling and post production. With extensive experience in the product visualization market. Having served great clients over 5 continents.