Jiayuan Zhang Cloud Mansion Landscape
Cloud Mansion Landscape is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award Category.
Cloud Mansion Landscape

The designer has captured the most intuitive characteristics of clouds: lightness, cleanliness, a sense of floating, and permeability. The designer has compared the textures and colours of various materials, looking for commonalities between the artificial materials and the natural environment in the above characteristics, to create a site that is quiet and light in terms of spatial temperament. The designer has sacrificed a certain degree of commercial openness in exchange for the integrity and independence of the site's atmosphere.

Cloud Mansion Landscape
Jiayuan Zhang Cloud Mansion
Jiayuan Zhang Landscape
Jiayuan Zhang design
Jiayuan Zhang design
Jiayuan Zhang

Zhang Jiayuan, a non-party personage, is one of the founding partners of NCD Studio Pte Ltd. In the period of 2012-2016, I served as the Chief Designer of Hangzhou Jiangnan Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd., participating and instructing the landscape design of over 30 projects. I have been working as the Design Director in NCD Studio Pte Ltd. since 2016. In 2019, I was invited to be the expert judge of Shanghai Competition Area of the Golden Reel Award. In 2020, I was invited by Kincang Group to work as the Chief Designer of global customized works.

NCD Studio Pte Ltd

As an innovative design team located in Hangzhou, China, NCD Studio mainly focuses on landscape space and sculpture device design. Our core creative team has a project design experience of more than 10 years and our design works have won numerous awards at home and abroad. What we uphold is the beauty of nature, the core of problem-solving and the efforts to ensure a tiny and pretty design state. We are skilled in diversified landscape creation and practical activities. For specific projects, we pay special attention to each step of design and construction and fully unearth its unique individual and social potential. Based the respect to its natural attributes, what we really want is to create an independent atmosphere and emotional value, instead of indulging in the processing skills of theme symbols or graphics.