Fong Lok Kee Rocky By Polar Animation
By Polar Animation is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Movie, Video and Animation Design Award Category.
By Polar Animation

Designer creates this animation for the 2020 Winter. The story is inspired by a new report in 2019. A hungry and exhausted young polar bear was spotted wandering in the suburbs of the Siberian industrial city of Norilsk this week, hundreds of miles from its usual habitat. By creating this short animation, designer wishes to give a warm remind to the world that there are always something, some creatures, being neglected, no matter during good or harsh time. He focused on the ambience and the mood of the scene. He wants to try letting the music be the story dialogues. The whole atmosphere created be the characters.

By Polar Animation
Fong Lok Kee Rocky By Polar
Fong Lok Kee Rocky Animation
Fong Lok Kee Rocky design
Fong Lok Kee Rocky design
Fong Lok Kee Rocky

Rocky Fong is a Hong Kong Visual Artist. He worked as Visual Producer in creative field for around 10 years. He provided visual services for many companies such as Fox and Cartoon networks. His creative profession included motion graphics, art direction and video filming. He found his own studio, Eggshellsea Production Limited, in 2017. Other then TV commercials and SFX, his studio provided services for concert and show stage videos, for example the 36th and 38th Hong Kong Film Award Ceremony. In 2019, Rocky started to creat his personal art works.

Eggshellsea Production Limited

Eggshellsea Production limited is a Hong Kong Video Graphics Studio. The Studio focus on motion graphics, brand design, video filming and SFX. The studio also provide art direction service and video service for show and ceremony for example, the 36th and 38th Hong Kong Film Award ceremony. The studio worked for many international brand such as Dyson, Sony and SKII.