Jozef Tucny Villa House ZM Residential Interior
Villa House ZM Residential Interior is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Villa House ZM Residential Interior

Contemporary urban interior situated in very heart of Bratislava, capitol of Slovakia. The space area was around 180 m2. Brand new design concept of two-store apartment with a not effectively original composition was re-created to present natural chic and minimalist elegance. Designers ideas was based upon investor's demand of using smooth esthetic high quality and functional elements and materials that have been materialized in almost all of the details of construction, furniture and equipment of the apartment. Bottom part of space decided as daily section was opened for living area.

Villa House ZM Residential Interior
Jozef Tucny Villa House ZM
Jozef Tucny Residential Interior
Jozef Tucny design
Jozef Tucny design
Jozef Tucny

2002-2003 _ Started with own educational apchoach to learn basics of interior design and architecture - helped by Ing.Arch.Ambrus Csaba 2003 _ Started cooperation and work with prestigeos design group from Hungary MOBILIA ARTICA Budapest 2004 _ Co-founder of creative design group ARTICA Design 2004 – 2010 – Creative director of ARTICA Design – leader in design and realisation of commertial interiors in Slovakia, Czech republic. 2010 – 2020 - nowadays - Founer JTDG–Jozef Tučný Designers Group – Designing and creating high-end interiors in commetial and residential areas in international range /Slovakia, Czech Rep., Hungary, Holland, Italy/

Joseph Tucny Interior Design

Joseph Tucny Interior Design - interior design studio from Slovakia based in 2004 by Jozef Tucny who is owner and the CEO of company tucny design, s.r.o. JTID studios represents the very high standard in design and realisation of commercial and private interiors mainly across the Slovak Republic but internationally as well/Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and more/. Studio offers individual approach and pays careful attention to each project and clients demand with effort to achieve unique solutions and maximum satisfaction.