Jan Sikora Forge Loft Apartment
Forge Loft Apartment is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Forge Loft Apartment

Forge Loft is the interior design and adaptation of the old forge located in Leszno, Poland into a loft apartment. The forge is part of a 19th-century Factory of Pumps, which is being revitalized into a living complex. The interior embraces industrial history of the building and its part in the technological sequence of the factory. The design of the loft is based on contrast: what is found is dirty and has broken colors (brick walls, concrete). What is new is neutral but elegant, creates a compositional "frame" for the historical tissue, without overshining it.

Forge Loft Apartment
Jan Sikora Forge Loft
Jan Sikora Apartment
Jan Sikora design
Jan Sikora design
Jan Sikora

Interior architect, architectural designer, owner of a design studio - born in 1984, author of over a hundred private and public interiors and architectural objects. He designed, among others interiors of such premises as: Polish Institute in Palazzo Blumensthill in Rome, Seafood Station restaurant in Sopot, Jasny Dwór in Bąków, Kultura station in Rumia, Hotel Number One in Gdańsk, Art. Incubator in Sopot, Sopoteka, Marie Zelie showroom and many others. Creator, idealist, visionary. Creates unique places that regularly receive the most important Polish and foreign awards. At the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, he runs a field of study devoted to understanding the realization between space, culture and man called Architecture of Cultural Space. For his projects, he received, among others Polityka's Architectural Award, Bryła Roku and the international Library Interior Design Award. Privately: traveler, fan of electric bikes and good cuisine.

ICC Real Estate

ICC Real Estate has created both residential and commercial developments in Leszno, Poland. From the revitalization of a stylish apartment in a tenement house, through the preparation of service and commercial spaces in the Arkadia Leszno mini-gallery, up to the latest and most spectacular project, revitalization of the old pump factory, the company has always had one goal: to create places that will serve the local community well.