Hernan Gregorio Balance Desk and Work Manager
Balance Desk and Work Manager is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Office Furniture Design Award Category.
Balance Desk and Work Manager

Inspired by the versatility and intuitiveness of modern digital interfaces, Balance, enables users to personalize their workspace by selecting from a variety of modules and materials that best suit their personality, work style, and aesthetic preferences. The magnetically attached modules (Surface, White Board, Cork, Kanban, Time, and Shelf) allow for multiple configurations and can also be combined to allow for the use of productivity techniques such as Kanban and Pomodoro.

Balance Desk and Work Manager
Hernan Gregorio Balance
Hernan Gregorio Desk and Work Manager
Hernan Gregorio design
Hernan Gregorio design
Hernan Gregorio

HernĂ¡n Gregorio is an Industrial Designer from Argentina. Nowadays he is living in the United States and working as an Assistant Professor at Kansas State University. His design interests cover a wide range of fields, including furniture, smart devices, user experience, product semantics, design theory and design education. Currently His research focus is on Industrial Design, Product Semantics, Entrepreneurship, and Education.

Hernan Gregorio, Julia Stabio

The name"Balance", means to keep or bring equilibrium. The brand focuses on the idea of balancing your everyday life and work. It also promotes some distance from digital environments such as laptops and smartphones, in search of a more physical connection with our surroundings. Our mission is to inspire young people to work hard while enjoying they everyday life and to find a balance between digital and analog environments.