gad Lixian Future Community of Quzhou Mixed Use Development
Lixian Future Community of Quzhou Mixed Use Development is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Urban Planning and Urban Design Award Category.
Lixian Future Community of Quzhou Mixed Use Development

Lixian community takes cosmopolitism as the design theme to explore an ideal community. This project attempts to construct a platform above the traditional transportation level, function as various garden landscapes. All community groups would be arranged in rhythmic orderings of low density, small block and abundant landscape to create a pleasant spatial scale. gad creates a neighborhood center and complete TOD system that connects all the nodes and they are important parts to structure a whole Lixian future community.

Lixian Future Community of Quzhou Mixed Use Development
gad Lixian Future Community of Quzhou
gad Mixed Use Development
gad design
gad design

As an atypical design studio born in the transformation of rapid development of Chinese architecture design revolution, gad now is one of the most influential design companies countrywide. Instead of mass production, gad would rather choose to slow down and search for the existing significance of every space. A group of energetic and thoughtful young people gather together here to give rise to tons of interesting and fresh ideas. Now gad cooperates with insightful proprietors from diverse fields like hotel design, housing design, theater design and so on to boost new ideas for architecture, which at the same time, encourages itself to step into a better design world.

The Promotion Office of Lixian Future Community

The group of this Promotion Office is consists of some governmental organizations of Quzhou: Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau is in charge of overall management of Lixian Future Community with Development and Reform Commission, Resources Planning Office, Kecheng District Government, and so on. This group provides a system guarantee for the innovation of future community and establishes communication channels Dingding group for all members, includes of secretary, the mayor and vice mayor. They aim to solve all prominent problems of the future community through integrated and efficient ways.