Ridzert Ingenegeren K29 Folding Knife
K29 Folding Knife is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Hardware, Power and Hand Tools Design Award Category.
K29 Folding Knife

Steel is combined with wood in this pocket knife design. In addition to a blade that can be folded out, it features a glass breaker, belt cutter, lanyard hole, and belt clip. The design comes in two editions: ‘Titanium’ in grey with olive wood and ‘Tiger’ in black with bocote. In order to display the natural qualities of the wood, its original appearance is preserved and no additional color is used on the material. Hex screws hold everything together securely and make it possible to replace parts.

K29 Folding Knife
Ridzert Ingenegeren K29
Ridzert Ingenegeren Folding Knife
Ridzert Ingenegeren design
Ridzert Ingenegeren design
Ridzert Ingenegeren

As an industrial designer, Ridzert helps entrepreneurs and businesses making their physical product ideas come to life. He focuses on the essence of products, the way they serve people, and their manufacturability. According to Ridzert, an ideal product is part of a circular economy, its materials are preferably reused materials that can be reused again. He has worked on a wide array of products, for example an outdoor eating utensil, housings for consumer electronics, and train exterior and interior concept designs. Ridzert works with clients from all around the world (among others: Germany, Switzerland, France, the UK, USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia).


Bergkvist was born from the love of adventure and nature. From the love for ourselves. All too often we get lost in the daily grind, in appointments and commitments, in offices, in traffic jams. We put ourselves in line and lose sight of the big picture. Bergkvist stands for adventure. For the feeling of freedom. For time in nature with family and friends. Time for things that really matter. Time for you. Take the time for yourself. A walk in the forest. A walk with family and friends. A campfire and bread on a stick. Camping under the open sky. Counting shooting stars. Telling stories. Laughing out loud. Sharing a sleeping bag. Loving life. It does not take much to be happy. That's exactly what we have done. Each person in our team is a collector of adventurers. Each in his own way. We went out into the world to make new experiences, to enjoy the moment, to feel gratitude and to create our life according to our individual wishes. Especially the stay in nature - without WLAN, without cell phone - has a magical effect on us. We become humble and grateful. We feel our connection to nature and to ourselves. We would like to pass this feeling on to you. Experience it in your own way. Take time for yourself. For the people who are important to you. Your true life is out there.