KE,EN Yongxi Dual Function Incense Holder
Yongxi Dual Function Incense Holder is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
Yongxi Dual Function Incense Holder

This work was designed by Mr. En Ke based on ancient Chinese royal culture. The packaging is redesigned with the elements of cloud pattern in the Forbidden City, the overall work of art is like an ivory, fully embodies the beauty of the Orient. Open the top cover, there is an incense holder golden phoebe wrapped in eco-friendly paper. This design works to break the traditional, will have two combustion and storage functions into a product design, so was patented in China. It has won international design awards while receiving well received from the market!

Yongxi  Dual Function Incense Holder
KE,EN Yongxi
KE,EN Dual Function Incense Holder
KE,EN design
KE,EN design

I am a Chinese designer, EN KE, and I am committed to brand design and packaging design; I advocate the cultural expression of "When the East meets the West" in design, and insist on originality in design, so as to promote social progress and development!

Shanghai Yongxi Gold Phoebe Culture Communication Co., Ltd

•Company mission We are committed to using traditional oriental precious woods to provide people with oriental traditional cultural significance, extraordinary beauty and superior quality home furnishing products through modern design, and to contribute to the improvement of people's quality of life. •Company Vision Become an excellent enterprise capable of mass customization and marketing high-quality household products. •Core value Respect, share, foresight, faith •Business philosophy Creative design, agile manufacturing, sincere service, customer pleasure.