Judy Bartolome Campari Singapore Workplace
Campari Singapore Workplace is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Campari Singapore Workplace

Nestled on Level 28 of the Gateway East building, is new home to Campari Singapore. It is one of the very few corporate offices which has requirement for a fully functional wine bar for the purpose of marketing their alcoholic beverages through live-tasting events and bartending demonstration sessions. The brief from Campari is to have the spaces segregated into a marketing, meeting and working space. These spaces, although different in function, has to promote collaboration and communication.

Campari Singapore  Workplace
Judy Bartolome Campari Singapore
Judy Bartolome Workplace
Judy Bartolome design
Judy Bartolome design
Judy Bartolome

As a designer, I am a passionate individual and meticulous in my approach. My goal is to provide innovative and intuitive solutions to any design problem, regardless of its complexity or scope. My greatest victories are the satisfaction of my clients and the respect of my colleagues in the industry. My passion lies in creating sustainable, customized environments that inspire and motivate individuals to achieve great things. I firmly believe that a well-designed space can seamlessly blend purpose, beauty, and function to elevate thosewhoinhabitit

Campari Singapore

Campari is an Italian alcoholic liqueur obtained from the infusion of herbs and fruit (including chinotto and cascarilla) in alcohol and water. It is a bitter, characterized by its dark red color. Campari Singapore first started its operations in Singapore at the end of 2014 and has been growing steady since then. They have gone through a few rounds of renovations in the past and recently required a bigger office due to their regional expansion plans. From a team of 8 they have now grown to 28 and would need an office space that could accommodate up to 40 people in the coming years.