Noelle Ulian de Freitas Chained Mask
Chained Mask is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Limited Edition and Custom Design Award Category.
Chained Mask

The Chained project came due to the pandemic needs but focusing in versatility and comfort. It is based on a mask with a good and different design sewn with an antiviral fabric for the base, a few nickel chains on the left side and another going around the neck. Along with a hand drawing jaw line, human teeth and a chequered pattern in a black synthetic leather for the right side of the mask. The Chained Mask project is a study made by the designer on a illustration course in London about the underground life and creations of Balenciaga in Paris Fashion Week 2020.

Chained Mask
Noelle Ulian de Freitas Chained
Noelle Ulian de Freitas Mask
Noelle Ulian de Freitas design
Noelle Ulian de Freitas design
Noelle Ulian de Freitas

Noelle is described as a ambitious entrepreneur. She has been increasing her skills about fashion and design over the past few years. She is a complex figure in the society, but essential for others to be inspired by her and to broke the pattern of the society itself. Noelle feels in her bones that she has a higher purpose in the fashion industry, because of her open mind, empathy and lack of care about what others think. She’s the perfect mixture of recklessness and sweetness. The society wouldn’t be that interesting if people like her didn’t exist.


NO.ELLE was created from the union of street style and high fashion. Two opposites that whitin the brand complement each other. Focused on slow fashion, prioritizing movements related to conscious consumption. There's no gender distinction likewise there's no right or wrong inside the brand. Attitude, identity and timelessness are essential in your DNA. NO.ELLE came with the purpose of deconstruction of patterns and creating a new distinct standard in society.