Jinying Huang Rigol Office
Rigol Office is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Rigol Office

The design team at G-You practiced the fusion of art and space throughout the process, working with clean and fresh colours to bring an immersive office experience to Rigol. The designers wanted to bring the interior design back to the Rigol product itself, bringing the most intuitive sensory experience. Therefore, Stella's artistic concept of "what you see is what you get" was integrated into the creative thinking, giving the right of interpretation back to the staff.

Rigol Office
Jinying Huang Rigol
Jinying Huang Office
Jinying Huang design
Jinying Huang design
Jinying Huang

November 2001-September 2003 Zhao Xuelin Studio (Beijing) October 2003-June 2006 He Qiao Group SanDuo Space Design Company (Beijing) July 2006-April 2007 Suzhou Youpin Design Office May 2007-present Founder, Design Director, Suzhou Industrial Park G-you Interior Construction Co.

SIP G-You Interior Design Co., Ltd.

G-you was founded by Ms. Baimiao in 2007, which is a high-grade, forward-looking and diversified design company based in Suzhou, China. Over the years, G-you has provided personalized space creation services for high-end residential, hotel, catering, luxury stores, commercial offices, and furniture and accessory displays with outstanding professional capabilities. G-you design concept:Using the greatest design power,To create a wonderful interior space.